What Our Families are Saying

St Johns Kindy was the best start to schooling life for our two children. We loved being apart of this great community. Our children were able to explore, learn, take risks and grow in their self confidence, all while being in the comfort of a supportive and safe Christian environment. Thank you St Johns Kindy.

Linet Pincott

St John’s Lutheran Kindergarten has provided a brilliant start to early education for our little boy. The program offers a balance between structure/ routine and variation or child led learning. Activities can often be initiated by the children – of what interests them or what seems to have caught their eye on any particular day. These qualities allow our adventurous little spirit to share his interests with his peers and learn through the activities that are of importance to him. We value the transparency of the program and the vested interest the educators have in ensuring that the kindergarten is compliant with the documentation that governs performance in early education.
Communication with the service and educators is brilliant which allows us to know what the program has offered throughout the day, creating opportunity for reflection and communication around the dinner table at night. We are thankful for the insight provided through observations of how daily learnings relate to educational and developmental stages or milestones – we have learnt a lot as parents as to how little minds work!
We are blessed to be a part of this wonderful little community and know that a start to early education with St John’s Kindergarten will hold our little boy in good stead for a bright future.

Kym Janes

It’s more than just a Kindy, it’s like family! As you walk through the gates of St John’s Kindergarten Kingaroy you are instantly greeted with an enriching play environment. It doesn’t take long before your embraced by the warmth of their staff and it feels like home away from home. All three of my daughters have attended this beautiful kindy. It’s been a place where they have felt safe, loved, respected and valued. The heart of this kindy is the children! Every day it provides quality learning experiences through play and exploration, it’s not long before your child starts to embrace a love for learning in this environment. It delivers an abundance of opportunities for individual growth and encourages children to not only explore but extend their ideas and thoughts. It’s a place of belonging, a place of fun and a place of connection! Our family looks back on our St John’s Kindy days with fond memories and love.

Ange and Michael Fechner

Our beautiful boy attended St.John’s Kindy for two and a quarter years. In this time he blossomed. I cannot speak more highly enough of the child led education philosophy that is practised at this Kindy. One day my son came home and told me all about hydrocephalus! The beautiful community environment was another feature of the Kindy that makes it truly special and a privilege to be a part of.

Jen Lalonde

Our son had such a great experience attending SJLS Kindergarten, in the year he was there I notice a huge improvement in his development and confidence; where he willingly contributes to conversations and was able to begin to verbally express himself. What I loved most about the care was the free play and encouragement of children to explore their environment, problem solve, while being creative with what they have.

Sherree Raffin

St John’s Kindy was the most magical, nurturing and inspirational start for our eldest son’s educational journey. Jenny and her team have created this perfectly curated balance between free expression and guided learning; magic and fact; safety and exploration. At St John’s Kindy the children are immersed into a unique range of experiences, from visits to Orana aged care to the unforgettable farm excursion, visits to the school library and music classes and art lessons from community artists. The children’s independence, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and love for learning is nurtured through experiences such as risky play (climbing trees), engaging with loose parts and regular campfires throughout the cooler months. We loved that Jenny taught the children about historical and current global issues and events, for instance the children frequently wrote letters, drew pictures and learned about Kindy’s sponsor child and her life in a developing country, they also supported many charities, such as the Share the Dignity “In the Bag” campaign. St John’s Kindy embraces many beautiful traditions that create happy childhood memories for the children, which have remained with our son and will do so for life. The quality of the staff’s teaching, their wealth of knowledge which they impart to the children, the warm and loving care they provide day in and day out as well as the genuine family relationships that they establish with every family who walk through the Kindy’s gates further reminds us how blessed we were to become a St John’s Kindy family. The memory of toasting marshmallows on the fire and the many stories and songs told by Jenny have fostered a love and curiosity for learning that has followed our son into his schooling journey and will beyond.

Emily Janson

Our daughter had an incredible year learning so much. Her teachers’ patience, creativity, love and encouragement for our daughter to explore and challenge her growth both intellectually and physically. We are so grateful for their tireless efforts.


We love this kindy’s seamless blend of play-based, creative learning, and real-world, community minded education. Without even realising it’s happening children are immersed in a classroom that emboldens their individuality, whilst also sparking a life-long love for their community and environment. We’re so glad our children could attend St John’s Kindy!

Alice and Matt Phillips

Kindergarten Kingaroy St John's
As a kindy mum since 2016 (and counting!), I can confidently say that St Johns kindy is amazing! The facilities are wonderful and a perfect place for kids to play, create and explore. The play based program is developed on the interests of the children attending, and grows and changes during the day as the children ask questions and show interest in different topics. The kindy calendar is always jam packed with exciting events like hot lunch days, cooking over an open fire, dress up days, music visits, library, fire truck visits, excursions and so much more.
Excursions have always been a highlight for my kids, and I love the thought that goes into choosing the destination. Exploring the hospital, checking out the inside of a helicopter, ambulance and fire truck and getting a taste of farm life are experiences my kids otherwise would not have had. The kindy is also big on sustainability and since going to St Johns my kids have taught me a thing or two about recycling, composting and growing veggies! The kindy is very community focused, and regularly involves the kids in helping those less fortunate. I love seeing the joy they get from helping others. Would I recommend St Johns kindy? Absolutely!
Cara VanSchyndel

My 2 girls attended St John’s Kindy. Daughter #1 was very shy and clingy, throughout the year I watched her blossom under Miss Jenny’s guidance and encouragement. Daughter #2 is my social butterfly, completely opposite to her sister. She made lifelong friendships with her classmates, learning how to problem solve and compromise in large social groups. I cannot speak highly enough of St John’s Kindy, the team are incredible.
Felicity Jorgensen

St. John’s Kindergarten provided both of our children with an incredibly rich Kindy experience. A truly child-centred program which met the needs of our children holistically, engaging their curiosities, supporting their developmental growth and school readiness in an authentically play-based environment. The educators were child responsive and their planning and the environment reflected this. We valued the play and learning opportunities that were offered to the children, particularly those that provided the freedom and opportunity to safely take risks. We highly commend the way in which faith, cultural understanding, environmental and global citizenship were nurtured through the program. Resources were thoughtfully considered and acquired, and a wonderful sense of community was fostered.

Emma Brown

St John’s Kindergarten Kingaroy is a special place! The children flourish and grow through a wonderful play based learning environment, encompassing lots of outdoor activities in their incredible yard. The experienced and dedicated staff nurture and guide the children providing them with a solid foundation for their schooling. Parents and carers are welcomed, involved and kept up to date daily with their child’s many adventures and opportunities. Lifelong friendships are created at St John’s Kindy!
Katrina and Aaron Meehan

I sent my two children to St John’s Kindy and it was honestly the best introduction to the education system we could have asked for. Their play-based learning approach was so interactive and engaging; the kids didn’t even realise how much they were learning, they just knew they were having fun! The facilities and grounds are second to none, and the staff are kind and caring. The Kindy program at St John’s prepared my children for school perfectly so they hit the ground running when they started Prep. I would have no hesitations in recommending St John’s Kindy to anyone and everyone!
Jamie McMahon