Our Bush Tucker Garden

Over a period of more than 7 years our Bush Tucker Garden has evolved. It began as on overgrown patch of shrubs, and now features walking tracks, Art Poles, and Yarning Circle, Acknowledgement to Traditional Custodians, a frog breeding pond and numerous Bush Tucker Plants. These plants form a curated collection which provides a starting point for conversations about how our First Nation people used the plants. We learn how each mob understood the seasons and planned their hunting and foraging in accordance with observed changes in their environment. Our children discover how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples mastered the preservation of food sources by never harvesting to the point of destroying the plants. It is our responsibility to ensure that all children are familiar with the rich and long history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. At our kindy, we work to provide an environment that recognizes, respects and celebrates Indigenous history and cultural identity.